Natural Resources

Natural Resource Management

CARPDC offers Natural Resource Management strategies for communities, not only planning for development, but also for preserving and conserving natural areas and resources. Studies have shown that trees can increase development land values by up to 27%. Furthermore, studies show that shoppers are drawn to tree lined streets and parking areas landscaped with trees. Another study has shown that customers are willing to pay as much as 10% more for goods and services when businesses are located on tree lined streets and parking areas.

Trees add value to any development property!

See for yourself with the Tree Value Calculator.

Build Greener

Working with nature to create the green infrastructure, instead of altering it, is not only environmentally beneficial but also economically efficient for communities.

Spend just ten minutes to hear how successful developers across the south are incorporating more trees into their master plans, and yielding bigger profits.

Grow Dollars and Sense with Trees

Many cities in the United States have joined the Tree City USA program sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation.

For information about the state of Alabama, click HERE.

For the Tree City USA Standards click HERE.

1—Utilizing Trees for stormwater Control
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2– Build and design downtowns and streetscapes utilizing structural soils for gorgeous trees and inviting outdoor venues sure to attract customers and visitors. More Info!

For further information, use the Green Infrastructure Tool Box.
Familiarize yourself with the Sample Tree Ordinance & Tree Policy.


Tree Risk Management

While there are so many benefits to trees, after a storm or natural disaster they can quickly be turned into debris that litters the ground, or falls on top of buildings, or blocks the roadway or access to critical facilities.  Managing tree risk can aid greatly in reducing storm debris.  CARPDC has partnered to develop and promote several resources that can assist in managing tree risk:

Click here to view an overview of Vegetative Risk Management Planning

Click Here for links to webinars and other documents that will assist in managing your tree risk.