How does the Weatherization Program Work?

How do prospective recipients apply?  Come by our office located at 430 South Court St., Montgomery or call the toll-free number 1-866-780-4945 or (334)-262-4300.  Ask for the Weatherization office.  Answer a few preliminary questions to determine eligibility and ask for the “Weatherization Application packet” to be mailed to you.  You may download and print the Application and Cover Letter from this website.

What is the process?  As long as funding is available the process happens as follows:

  • Client requests an application packet leaving their full mailing address and two contact numbers
  • Application packet is mailed to client – instruction letter describes the needed documentation which must accompany application – completed application and ALL necessary documentation is mailed or hand-carried to this office

CARPDC Weatherization Program
430 South Court St.
Montgomery, AL 36104

    • Application reviewed for client household eligibility
    • If determined eligible, client file is prioritized per DOE guidelines and placed on the prioritization list under all applicants with higher point values and above all applicants with lower point values. All applicants with same point value are prioritized by date received.
    • When client migrates to top of list an energy audit is scheduled. The energy audit will determine eligibility of the structure and subsequent needed energy efficiency measures to install. If the structure’s state of disrepair/dilapidation is beyond program scope, home will be disqualified.
    • If eligible, client home is let out for bid
    • Sealed bids are opened at this office and awarded to the lowest responsible bidding contractor. Bid opening is open to bidding contractors.
    • Contractor sets appointment with client to complete measure installs
    • Final inspection scheduled and work inspected for quality and program compliance
    • Client enjoys a more comfortable and more energy efficient home

Does CARPDC have credentialed people on staff?  The current program manager has been with WAP for over twelve years and possesses the following training certificates, certifications, and licenses:

    • 20 plus years previous residential construction experience
    • Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifications:
      • Quality Control Inspector (2014) – ANSI Certification
      • Building Analyst Professional
      • Envelope Professional
    • Licensed Home Inspector – Alabama license HI-4006
    • Certified Carbon Monoxide inspector
    • Certified Lead Renovator by Alabama Department of Public Health & EPA
    • Infrared Camera Training Certificate for Energy Applications
    • Certified in Mold Assessment and Remediation
    • ADECA Energy Code Training on International Residential Code (IRC) of 2009
    • Kansas Building Science Institute Inspector/Auditor graduate
    • Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI) Home Inspection Methods graduate
    • NRCERT Mobile Home Wx Training certificate – 2005
    • Completed Alabama Ethics Law training

For Macon, Montgomery, Lee, and Russell County residents, please see links to application above.  For residents of all other Counties, please contact ADECA-ED, Weatherization Department.

For further information please email Donny Barber, Weatherization Program Manager, or call 334-262-4300.

Download | WAP Application Cover Letter

Download | Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Application


430 South Court Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Phone: 334-262-4300
Fax: 334-262-6976

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