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Download | Central Alabama RPO Work Program FY 2020 Aug 2019

Download | Region 9 Central Alabama Rural Planning Organization WORK PROGRAM Fiscal Year 2019 Aug 2019

Download | AMS-USDA LFPP Central Alabama Food Hub Feasibility Study 6-14-2019 Jul 2019

Download | City of Tallassee Street Class Aug 2018

Download | City of Tallassee Current Land Use Map Aug 2018

Download | City of Tallassee Future Land Use Map Aug 2018

Download | Tallassee Comp Plan Aug 2018

Download | Agriculture, Alabama’s Top Economic Driver Aug 2018

Download | Alabama Agriculture Aug 2018


Download | Grocery Store Feasibility Study (7-24-2018) Aug 2018

Download | Auburn’s Report on the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Industry Aug 2018

Download | Results of The CHANGE Tool Survey 2017 Aug 2018

Download | Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan 2018 Aug 2018

Download | WAP Application Cover Letter Aug 2018

Download | Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Application Aug 2018

Older Documents

ALDOT Transit Programs – PowerPoint

CEDS 2017

CARPDC, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), as well as both the Alabama and River Region Obesity Task Forces encourage you to Make a Good Choice: Rethink Your Drink! You can view and print ADPH’s recommended guidelines for healthy beverage consumption. Please note that there are two sets of recommendations, one for adults and one for children. Thank you!

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