Tucked away in the lowlands of central Alabama lies a small town where the moss still hangs from the trees, people still fish off the banks of the Alabama River, while cattle graze in the pastures nearby. Beautiful pre-civil war homes exist down the road from modern brick dwellings. There is still an operational ferry and children still wave at trains. The busiest intersection in town is not a red light, but a stop sign where people can be seen waving to those they meet.

Coosada was incorporated in 1967 and our current Mayor is retired Navy Chief Anthony F. Powell. The city council is composed of long time residents who know the community intimately and keep a steady hand on the helm of the city government.

The volunteer fire department has a rating of 5-9 which assures low fire insurance costs in the community.

The small but efficient police force consists of officers who all are long time residents of Coosada and keep a constant vigilance on the pulse of the community. Welcome to Coosada!

The Town Clerk and the City Maintenance Department work in tandem to see that the city business is run efficiently while staying clean and safe.

Bordered by the beautiful Alabama River on the east, with a historic railroad defining its center, and Interstate 65 less than a five minute drive from the first western border, Coosada offers the tranquility of country living with the conveniences of the big city. In fact Montgomery is less than a 10 minute drive across the river to the south.

Although small in numbers (about 1400), Coosada is big of heart. Within its borders dwell people of all races who are community minded, nationally engaged and eternally motivated. With churches large and small tending to both the spiritual and physical needs, of the community and a small business community, Coosada offers a uniquely country atmosphere with a uniquely southern flavor.


430 South Court Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Phone: 334-262-4300
Fax: 334-262-6976

Hours of Operation:
M-TH: 8:00am – 5:00pm
F: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Our Values

As an organization of outreach and service to the Region, we stand on the values of professionalism, integrity, coalition building, adaptability, and reliability.